The Wind

i wish the wind would blow me away.10261259_498133626976834_41058527_n
maybe if it could just blow me
into another day.

i wish the wind blew me up high and into the blue.
and place me back down
in world that felt shiny and new.

or the wind could bring me a chilling, windy storm.
to surround me in its rain
and make me feel warm.

i wish the wind could just make me just disappear.
or at least blow away
all the things that I fear.

i wish the wind would blow ferociously fast.
so strong
that it would blow away the past.

i wish the wind became so loud, i wouldn’t hear a single note.
loud enough to drown out every song.
every melody.
every poem.
i ever wrote.

i wish the wind would take me back to the way it was before
a time when the wind was just that…
the wind,
and nothing more.

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