Ghost in a Storm

When your vision of the future never reveals itself,gojohnnyp5
you wonder how you will ever heal yourself.

A simple life twisting into tangles,
with complicated crossings and distorted angles.

Your aim was so clear and easy to hit,
sensing the beast was nearby, you decided to quit.

Thrown around in this relentless storm,
you see a ghost approaching with a liquid like form.

Gently, he shows you everything you fear,
pointing out the dark skies that would never quite clear.

As the doubt is now tightly wrapped around your throat,
You realize your melodies were never real.

Not even one note.

“What is it like?” the cold whisper asks, “Is there any taste?…”
And a soft pause, “…In knowing your years were a mere waste?”

You can’t even respond; no words for an answer.
“I injected you with regret, and that’s the worst kind of cancer.”

Sucking the life from your deflating soul,
the wraith helps you dig your own hopeless hole.

And then he softly stabs his arrow deep into your back,
you’re too numb to feel its venomous attack.

As graceful as it appeared from a whirling wall of gray,
the dark figure released its grip and faded away.

Receding into the tempest from whence it came,
it still haunts you…
and calls for you…
echoing whispers of your name

The ghost has followed you from heaven and into hell.
A past that shadows a man with the most unfortunate tale.

So now this struggle continues to bind you,
finding new ways to find you,
twisting your head to a past that was never even behind you.

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