Beautiful Reflection

I wrote the following poem for my then-wife. I recorded my daughter reading the poem along with a book of illustrations that she drew to correspond with each stanza. gojp4

An angel came to earth one day,
Everyone was so happy when she decided to stay.

Filling love into the lives of people she touched,
she received gifts and hugs because they loved her so much.

When she would walk into a wintry, white room,
Spring would appear and we would watch the flowers bloom.

The aroma of a bountiful feast meant she was near by,
making the darkest of clouds into the brightest, blue sky.

Her voice was as light as Fall leaves and just as colorful too.
Her eyes were as soft as warm pillows when she would look at you.

She is like a character that comes only from fairy tales and dreams.
With majestic water falls and tranquil mountain streams.

Although her days are long and at times, too much to bare,
she never begins her sleep without saying a little prayer.

Holding our daughter deep in her arms is God’s personal message to me.
A love more vast than any landscape, deeper than the deepest sea.

This angel’s name originates from a distant, mysterious place.
“Beautiful reflection” is the meaning behind her beautiful face.

Yes, Yun-Hui visited us one day.
We were so happy when she decided to stay.

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